Made By Us, First Book and AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate Launch the Wishes For Books Giveaway

Today, Made By Us, First Book and AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate announced they are now accepting submissions for the Wishes For Books giveaway. Eligible Title 1 teachers are encouraged to share their classroom’s wish for the future of the country on Made By Us’ digital platform My Wish For U.S. by visiting The giveaway will remain open to teachers through September 21st for a chance to win a library of books based on the topic of their wish.

Later this fall, 1000 randomly selected teachers will receive First Book gift credits to order books for their classrooms from genres including Activism and Civic Engagement, Making a Difference, Biographies, and more. It is estimated that a total of 20,000 books will be gifted.

“Learning and engaging with history at an early age can have a profound impact on young people,” said Dr. Louise Mirrer, president and CEO of the New-York Historical Society, a founding member of Made By Us. “Through this partnership with First Book and AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate, this is an exciting opportunity to inspire young people and provide them with resources that will help them shape the future.”…Read More

Forces Join To Grant the Wishes of More Than 500 Classrooms Nationwide

My Wish For U.S., the digital platform that invites Americans to share their wishes for the country’s future, today announced a partnership with First Book, a non-profit social enterprise that provides new, high-quality educational resources to children in need, and AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate. The partnership will provide classrooms nationwide with books to add to their libraries, chosen by educators to support the wishes they submit with their students on Educators will be able to select books from categories like Activism and Civic Engagement, Making a Difference, Biographies, and more. The program will launch this fall and will distribute approximately 15,000 books to classroom libraries serving children living in poverty.

My Wish For U.S. and First Book will encourage educators across the country to post their classroom’s wish to the My Wish For U.S. platform and social media. At least 500 educators will be chosen to receive gift credits to the First Book Marketplace (, where they can select books that support their students’ areas of interest.

“Often, we tell students what they need to know and learn about, and that relationship only goes one way,” said Caroline Kilbanoff, Program Manager for Made By Us. “We are excited to collaborate with First Book to let students tell us what they are interested in learning more about and giving them the tools and information to take action.”…Read More

Ed-tech and activism are reinventing education on 30 under 30

This is the era of the edu-preneur, when being a K-12 or higher ed  professional can mean anything from cofounding a start-up with excess of $50 million in funding or launching a venture that uses the Kickstarter model to fund classrooms and libraries in at-risk communities in the U.S. and abroad, Forbes reports. The 30 Under 30 in education are in the forefront of this revolution. Here, their take on the future of learning, the classroom, and the role of the technology…

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