Arizona Department Of Education And ASU Prep Digital Develop Three-Year Partnership To Bolster Math Outcomes

ARIZONA – July 12, 2021 – ASU Prep Digital today announced a new $9 million, three-year partnership with the Arizona Department of Education to address challenges students are experiencing with math education in the state. The key focus of the partnership is a new Math Momentum program, designed to help middle schools increase math learning outcomes.

The current AzMERIT passing rate percentage for eighth-grade math overall (Arizona students who scored as proficient or highly proficient) was only 41% in 2020, according to the Arizona Education Progress Meter, a measuring tool that uses a series of metrics to show where there is work left to do with education in the state. Co-created by Expect More Arizona and the Center for the Future of Arizona, the Arizona Education Progress Meter has a goal of boosting the eighth-grade math AzMERIT passing rate percentage to 69%.

“With year after year of stagnant math proficiency growth, it is time for Arizona to invest in next-generation learning environments and student math literacy,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. “By succeeding in math, students also build important critical thinking skills. This exciting partnership with ASU Prep Digital will allow students from across Arizona to catch up and thrive.”…Read More

Arizona Common Core Standards spur focus on parent involvement

The Republic reports that school course material in Arizona will be more difficult this year, not only for students but for their parents. It is two weeks into the school year in the Chandler Unified School District, and teacher Karen Meyer already has sent home three newsletters to the parents of her Tarwater Elementary School third-graders. They contained instructions for reinforcing what the kids learned during the day: Number sequences, phonics, grammar, spelling words and a 20-minute independent reading assignment…

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