Measuring the benefits of network infrastructures that offer room to scale


With technology evolving at the speed of light, K-12 districts across the nation are finding themselves caught in the crosshairs between needing to keep their IT infrastructures and classroom technology updated while sticking to budgets that just keep getting leaner every fiscal year. Combine these challenges with the fact that networking budgets are based on five to seven-year timelines and yet technology is advancing and new requirements are changing at a much faster pace, challenging districts to keep up.

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Preparing the K-12 Network for Common Core Testing and Beyond


Today’s K-12 institutions are under tremendous pressure to balance student learning needs with technological advancements and regulatory mandates like online testing. Every corner of the K-12 campus – from the classroom to the hallway to the gym to the computer lab – is viewed as a potential “connectivity point” where students can learn, interact with others, and engage in the educational experience. Whether they are taking part in Common Core testing, working on projects in groups, or interacting one-on-one with their teachers, 21st century students require a high level of network connectivity to achieve their educational goals.

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