Aver Launches Configurable 16 Device Build Your Own Cart Classroom Charging Solution

The AVerCharge X16 is an Adjustable and Configurable Student Device Charging and Storage Cart Designed for Today’s Ever-Changing Classroom

AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of video collaboration, distance learning and education technology solutions, announced today the launch of the innovative AVerCharge X16, a 16 device customizable charging and storage solution. Adjustable and configurable to meet the needs of today’s changing and uncertain student device requirements, the X16 offers a unique and flexible solution to manage student Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, or phones with up to a 15” screen.

The X16 boasts removeable and adjustable slot dividers, allowing educators to change the width of the slots as well as the number of devices the cabinet can hold for up to 16 devices. The unique peg board design provides a space where small shelves or pegs can be inserted to provide additional storage and easy access for small classroom items such as scissors, glue, rulers and other frequently used tools. Mountable, the X16 can be secured to a wall, or placed on a table for easy access to devices. If charging and securing more than 16 devices becomes necessary, additional cabinets can be stacked on top to accommodate the additional units. Optional 5” casters as well as a handle can be utilized to add mobility to the cart for classroom sharing or moving to long-term storage areas.  …Read More

Wiping out the blackboard

Classrooms have had computers for decades, but in the past few years the buzz about “education technology” (or edtech) has become persistent, especially in America, The Economist reports. This is because of new generations of learning software, free online tutorials and better connectivity. Students are also getting ever more gadgets, as iPads and other tablets are handed out in schools. Adaptive learning software is starting to show great promise. These tools offer personalised education for every child, so that they can learn at their own pace. Free online courses such as the KhanAcademy’s mathematics classes are allowing schools to take a more selective approach in acquiring learning resources…

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