How to Keep Your Teachers

Obviously, the past few years haven’t been easy for anybody. But the strain on school intervention specialists thrust into remote learning during group trauma has been especially great. Rami Tulp, assistant director of intervention for Katy ISD in Texas details some of the ways her district has catered to the needs of both students and faculty by providing supportive professional development, access to resources like Boardworks lessons, and more. Have a listen and scroll down for some edited excerpts.

We support intervention teachers who work with the students who are most at risk of dropping out—the students who struggle the most. And, you know, that cannot always be the most appealing job when you’re looking at teaching. So we really have been making sure that we support our intervention teachers with good resources as well as professional learning where you want to come back every year and continue to be an intervention teacher and support struggling kids…Coming out of the pandemic, some student struggles with learning have increased. And we need new strategies on how to support these kids. We need to keep building on the strategies that we already have, but also some new ideas, some new techniques. We’ve been doing a lot of campus visits, getting out to campuses and supporting teachers whenever they call, whenever they need an extra set of hands or an extra set of eyes with a class.

Some of the stories that some of our teachers shared when they were working with students virtually is that the home that the children were in wasn’t always somewhere they felt safe or comfortable. They didn’t want to unmute because in the background there might be screaming or something like that happening. We did have quite a few kids who were having to watch over their younger siblings. So there could be little screaming kids running around. We had some kids zooming from a bathtub because it was the quietest place in the house…Some kids were worried about how their hair looked because they haven’t been able to go out and get their hair fixed. …Read More

Teletherapy Support Sessions for Students

The response to the COVID-19 virus is unprecedented. Global Teletherapy services K-12 schools virtually with therapeutic services. Because of our unique role in children’s education, Global Teletherapy would like to support the thousands of children with new anxieties over being quarantined by many U.S. school districts.  We feel a responsibility to do what we can to assist schools, therapists and students with this transition to online learning and seclusion.

As the number of homebound students grows exponentially every day, we want to ensure that students remain engaged and healthy. Our therapists will be providing complimentary “Support Sessions” to the country’s youth. The current school mental health programs may not have the capacity to adequately serve the students who may be uncertain or anxious. The online formats may also be hard to navigate for current school therapists.

Starting March 23rd, these ½ hour Support Sessions will be held daily through June. They will range in age formats to discuss specific concerns. The group sessions will focus on keeping the students calm and engaged while homebound due to the current situation.…Read More