Gov. Jerry Brown blasts data-based school reform

California Gov. Jerry Brown wrote a tough indictment of data-based school reform in a message he wrote vetoing a bill that would have changed the state’s accountability system for public schools, the Washington Post reports. The legislation, SB547, would have reduced reliance on standardized test scores to evaluate students and schools, but Brown called the legislation “yet another siren song of school reform” and would do nothing to improve the quality of schools.

“SB547 nowhere mentions good character or love of learning,” said the veto message by Brown, who has gone further than any other governor in blasting modern test-based school reform…

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RheeFirst, Michelle Rhee attack site, defended by teachers union

In the eyes of Steven Brill, the American Federation of Teachers building a website attacking Michelle Rhee and masking its origins is worse than Rhee’s creating a billion-dollar organization aimed at revamping education that doesn’t disclose its backers, reports the Huffington Post. Brill, author of the recent Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools, came to the education beat after writing a piece for the New Yorker about the “Rubber Room,” a place where New York City public school teachers were paid to stay out of classrooms…

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