Faulty data wrongly placed school among worst in state

A Delaware middle school will no longer receive hundreds of thousands in additional funding after it was mistakenly named one of the worst schools in the state, the Huffington Post reports. Bayard Middle School was set to receive $530,000 under the state’s Partnership Zones program, which grants schools money in exchange for mandated reform–including restructuring and staff reassignment. The school found out Monday that those funds won’t be coming in after all, because the Delaware Department of Education wrongly placed Bayard among the state’s lowest achieving schools by using faulty data, the News Journal reports…

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New Jersey launches pilot teacher evaluation program, equally weighing tests and class success

New Jersey launches a pilot program today that will evaluate teachers at 10 schools by equally weighing a student’s academic and classroom performance, the Huffington Post reports. In a guest column published in the Star-Ledger Thursday, New Jersey acting Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf writes that about half of a teacher’s evaluation will come from student “learning outcomes” like progress on standardized test scores.

“To avoid penalizing teachers who work with our highest-need students, evaluation criteria should be based on student progress and not absolute performance,” Cerf writes…

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