7 ways to drive district-wide innovation

When the Gresham-Barlow (OR) School District (GBSD) hired Dr. A. Katrise Perera as the superintendent in July of 2017, she set out to listen and learn from students, parents, staff, and community members how to best serve our students. Her charge to me was to do the same when she brought me on last summer as executive director of innovation and partnerships. Well aware that initiative overload is common in education, I didn’t rush to implement new programs. Rather, my focus has been to identify the innovative programs and initiatives already underway that I could support, expand, and help replicate at other schools. Moreover, I have been mindful that innovation often takes root when there are considerable resources available.

However, innovative learning experiences ought not be exclusive; they should be widely available, highly engaging, and designed to prepare all students for our rapidly evolving global economy. Under the leadership of Dr. Perera and the GBSD Board, and in collaboration with Career Technical Education Coordinator Sarah Dorn, here are seven ways we’re working to drive district-wide innovation in Gresham-Barlow.

How to drive innovation

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