Why Not Wi-Fi?

The web offers a surplus of knowledge and information at the click of a button, Ed Tech Digest reports. It can be used to access projects, communicate with others, store files in the cloud, research just about any topic, and so much more. When it comes to education, it’s hard to exaggerate the internet’s potential. But forcing users to go where the Internet is — in a row of computers tethered to a computer lab — isn’t effective enough, especially if educators, staff and students need access to the internet on mobile devices and tablets outside of the lab. That’s where wi-fi comes in. K-12 schools have struggled to adopt wi-fi due to budget and staff limitations, but as forward thinking educators embrace technology in schools as a complement to traditional teaching methods, more people have been asking: Where better to take advantage of wi-fi to access the abundant educational resources online than at school? K-12 schools are now rapidly moving to offer district-wide wi-fi for students, teachers and staff personnel for the educational and collaborative benefits of wireless coverage…

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