New website helps schools manage educational travel

EdTrips simplifies the planning and management of field trips, tours, and other school travel

The service has a platform for registering attendees and  includes features such as reminder eMails.

A new website called EdTrips offers an easy-to-use platform for simplifying the planning and organization of school-related trips—from one-day field trips to international tours and travel.

“EdTrips changes the way educational trips are organized,” said Laura Wallendal, co-founder and chief operating officer, in a press release. “You upload [your] itinerary, promote your trip, collect payments, [and] upload permission forms—[managing] your trip quickly, all in one place.”

She added: “We created EdTrips because we saw how challenging organizing a trip can be. It’s still very much a paper-based process for most schools, and there’s a real need for something that makes it simple, keeps payments in one place, and allows educators to focus on learning, not logistics.”…Read More