Developing and deploying Facebook for school districts

How school leaders can leverage Facebook to boost district visibility in the community

district-facebookThe Norris School District has deliberately cultivated a combined social media brand over the last several years by deploying multiple official district-managed Twitter feeds, and primarily by deploying a Facebook fan page.

Our school district is a system of about 2,100 students in southeast Nebraska. The district covers a wide geographic area and is a consolidated system serving students in seven small communities, as well as in rural areas just south of Lincoln, Neb.

It is our belief that having a vibrant, timely, and active social media presence has become an expectation of our constituents. For everything from the latest sports scores to school closures, our followers on Facebook access information online and share it with others–and it spreads the word and magnifies our presence as a district. When it comes to the realm of social media, our district’s parents and many of our constituents are active on Facebook.…Read More