6 reasons why immersive speech-language classrooms work

There’s a classroom in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Penn., where the kids play and sing with the friends they have made. Laughter echoes off the walls adorned with artwork. They read stories aloud, have table time, engage in the latest STEAM activities, and follow the general curriculum.

It all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? Well, this classroom is unlike any other. It’s a place where students enter the program unable to communicate and leave as little chatterboxes.

While immersive learning spaces are becoming a must-have for school districts, the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s (AIU) Speech-Language program has been doing it for two decades. The Primary Expressions classroom is an intensive K-1 program in a very small class-size setting. The all-day endeavor is guided by a speech-language pathologist and follows the standard curriculum across all subjects with the added dimension of persistent speech treatment therapy. After they complete the program, students ideally transition back to their class in second grade to be with their peers. It’s a turnkey solution to unlocking the speech challenges of young students.…Read More