Three weeks with an iPad Air: A whole new experience

It’s an amazing experience when little things in a product can make a huge difference in the human reaction, Mac Observer reports. I recall watching a Top Gear episode in which Jeremy Clarkson described a few cars, a certain Ferarri model and, in another episode, an early McClaren 12C that just seemed to be missing something that was hard to define. Some cars are able to telegraph a subliminal feeling of responsiveness, road feel and a human connection. Some other cars can have high performance, but feel sterile — in an automotive sense. (I should add that McClaren later fixed the problem, hard to define as it was.) Apple has done something similar with the iPad Air. It feels like a completely new product. It’s so different in its look and heft that I am tempted to believe that it’s made by a different company, even though I know better…

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