App of the Week: Engage kids in the world of art

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What’s It Like?MetKids is a kid-friendly gateway to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The site features three major sections: “Map” lets users explore an interactive cartoon map of the Met, clicking red dots to learn more about the artwork and yellow dots to learn about visitor spaces in the museum. Each red dot lets users view a work of art in detail, and they can click “Listen” (to learn more about the work in a a child narrator’s voice), “Discover” (to read more background information), “Imagine” (to imagine what the artwork might mean more broadly in its original context and today), and “Create” (where kids can create their own art related to the work they’ve just explored). There’s also an “even more information” link that kids can tap to enter the Met’s website for grown-ups and explore the work in even greater detail.

Price: Free

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