LearnBIG creates hub for online educational resources

A new website called LearnBIG aims to simplify the search for high-quality online content.

LearnBIGOnline and digital learning are transforming education, but finding the right tools can be a challenge. A new website called LearnBIG aims to change that.

Launched Sept. 4, LearnBIG provides access to more than 14,000 online educational resources for students of all ages— including pre-kindergarten, K-12, and continuing learners—in one easily searchable location, its creators say.

LearnBIG curates digital resources from around the web, such as websites, apps, games, courses, and videos. The website is community-reviewed by parents, teachers, and learners, and its format provides an easy way for users to search, filter, and compare results by subject, grade level, platform, and popularity.…Read More