Do SAT tutors add up?: One parent’s journey

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: I’m one of those crazy parents who paid more than $150 per hour–or rather per fifty minute session– to help my child with the SAT test, Forbes reports. The fact feels humiliating, like the memory of tossing your wedding ring into a poker game. By some standards, I got off easy. It may seem like an urban legend but there are SAT tutors in New York city who charge more than a thousand dollars per session. Stratospherically priced test prep is the brainchild of Arun Alagappan, Harvard law grad, founder of Advantage Testing and the hero or despoiler of the pre-college landscape, depending on your point of view. Rates at Advantage range from $225 to $775 per fifty minutes, with the Kafkaesque stipulation that sessions run a minimum of 100 minutes…

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