Could Indiana’s school voucher ruling influence other states?

The Indiana voucher program, passed by the state Legislature in 2011, is the most sweeping in the nation.

The Indiana Supreme Court on March 26 upheld the nation’s broadest school voucher program in a ruling that supporters say could set a national precedent as other states look to build or expand programs that use public money to allow students to attend private schools.

Critics of the controversial ruling were quick to point out that it applies only to Indiana schools, however, and that the question is far from decided in other states.

Indiana’s highest court unanimously upheld a 2011 law providing vouchers for low- and middle-income families and cleared the way for an expansion being debated in the Indiana Statehouse. But more importantly, it could settle the case law for other states where school voucher programs face legal challenges, supporters contend.…Read More

Tea Party gears up for 2012 in contentious school voucher fight

The fight over school vouchers in Pennsylvania is a test of whether the Tea Party can transition from a protest movement into sustained political activism, reports the Huffington Post. They might yet make the grade, but they’re hitting plenty of bumps along the way. A forum in Shippensburg, Pa., on June 6 showed how the voucher issue has raised serious questions among the Tea Party rank and file…

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