Science resource pairs students with real data analysis

Science education gains another link to real-world applications with new institute

Students track marine animals’ progress using real science data.

School administrators and curriculum directors constantly search for ways to help teachers give students meaningful learning experiences linked to real-world implications and outcomes, especially in science and math. One such way to do that is to work in partnership with professionals who use science data each day.

Now, a new resource from the nonprofit Education Development Center (EDC) aims to help prepare U.S. students to analyze and extract meaningful and useful information from science data. The Oceans of Data Institute taps into the academic, research, and professional communities to bring big data applications to K-16 science teaching and learning.

EDC staff are working to develop a combination of curriculum materials and digital tools that will help students analyze, understand, and apply data in science education and learning. Staff work with school leaders and curriculum directors and teach them how to equip teachers to examine science data with their students and how to link that science data to practical applications.…Read More