OPINION: So you use ed-tech, but are you an early adopter?

Early Adopters: There are usually one or two at every school and they are sometimes referred to as ‘power users’ – but they are more than that, EdSurge reports. Early adopters seek out new tools and don’t mind that often these tools are in beta, pilot, or testing phases. Despite the rough edges, early adopters are excited to try something new. They know that eventually they’ll find that diamond in the rough; and when they do they will get an even bigger kick out of sharing it with their friends and helping their colleagues. So early adopters get the opportunity to shape new products but there is a risk involved – new tools can sometimes be buggy, and teachers have to be careful not to waste valuable class time on edtech teething issues. Lets face it, no matter how good the PD was or how cute the little explainer video on the website is, you don’t truly know how a new tool will fit until it’s in the hands of your students…

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