Professor’s ‘yawn’ rant offers a lesson in viral video

Even if lecture capture technology isn't used in a classroom, a student could record an embarrassing moment on a cell phone.

Cornell University Professor Mark Talbert’s search for a student who yawned during class was first seen by about 200 students. The recorded rant had been viewed 218,000 times on YouTube as of press time—and educators say it’s a reminder that anything said in a lecture hall these days can be held against you in the court of viral video.

Talbert, a senior lecturer in Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, was recorded in a late October lecture searching the hall for a student who had yawned loudly in the middle of Talbert’s presentation.

Talbert asked the more than 200 students to identify the person who had yawned, adding that the “overly loud” yawning had become too frequent.…Read More

Parent video protesting state budget cuts goes viral

A pro-teacher video loaded with star power became an internet hit.
A pro-teacher video loaded with star power became an internet hit.

A video produced by parents at a California elementary school to protest state budget cuts has become an online sensation, offering several lessons in internet advocacy for school stakeholders.

Called “Hot for Teachers,” the video is less than four minutes long and uses humor and star power to send a serious message about the impact teacher cuts are having on class size and academic opportunities.

Produced by parents at Wonderland Avenue Elementary School, the video stars actor Brian Austin Green of television’s Beverly Hills 90210 and actress Megan Fox, best known for her recurring role in the Transformers movie blockbusters.…Read More