Infobase Announces Launch of Issues & Controversies in History

Infobase, the award-winning provider of the Infobase Media Cloud and the Infobase Learning Cloud, announced the launch of Issues & Controversies in History. Formerly known as Issues & Controversies in American History, this completely redesigned and renamed database expands its coverage of history to include world history from antiquity to the present as well as retaining its authoritative coverage of U.S. history.

Along with new pro/con articles, more than 400 new primary sources—including not only traditional text documents but also graphic works and physical objects, such as paintings, coins, statues, and ancient monuments—and hundreds of new images, graphs, maps, and related resources, the new and improved database offers powerful features that support research and distance learning, along with a fully responsive design that’s more intuitive, clearer, and easier to navigate.

“I can’t imagine a database that could better prepare students for history debates, research projects, and document-based questions than Issues & Controversies in History,” said Andrew Gyory, Editor-in-Chief at Infobase. “We offer hundreds of pro/con articles and thousands of primary sources, helping students to think critically and understand the forces that have shaped every conflict in U.S. and world history over the past 5,000 years.”…Read More

App of the Week: Globe Smart Education 1

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What it’s like: Globe Smart Education 1 explores the lives of kids around the world through stories and games. Users pick one of eight kids from five countries: Haiti, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Burundi, and the United States. They then can choose to read that child’s story, select “tell me about yourself” to engage in a dialogue, learn phrases or count to 10 in the child’s native language, or read more facts about the child’s hometown. Teacher sections of the app offer a discussion guide for each country, lesson plan ideas, and classroom activities that draw directly from each unit and build on topics that arise in the stories.
Price: $19.99
Grades: 1-3
Pros: Stellar teacher guides offer lots of classroom connections that bridge disciplines.
Cons: Some kids talk very quickly in the story sections; high price tag may be prohibitive.
Bottom line: A smart, thoughtful way to learn about the lives of kids around the world.