Act With Confidence: Use Your Data to Prepare for the Future

Posted on: May 12, 2020

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About Event

The end of the school year has historically been a busy, yet exciting time. Students are receiving their graduation gowns, teachers are facilitating final exams, and administrators are planning for summer programs and teeing up initiatives for the next school year. This year, the coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly impacted the way the school year will end for most schools and districts.

As many educators close out the school year with remote instruction, teachers and administrators are faced with new questions:

• Is online instruction impacting student learning?
• Do I have the resources I need for the next school year?
• What tools and support can I provide to teachers to help them monitor student progress?
• How will I know if my new initiatives and programs are successful?

Join us on May 12, 2020 to learn how your data from various education systems (e.g., SIS, devices) can inform your short- and long-term strategic plans and answer many of these questions.

Speaker Chris Graves, Senior Manager of the Data and Analytics Management Team at Shelby County Schools (Memphis, Tennessee), will share how their district uses data analytics to drive decision-making and how they are planning for the upcoming school year.

After the 1-hour session, you will walk away with the following:

• Ways your education data can inform your school and district strategic plans
• Strategies for facilitating data-driven decision-making
• Examples of ways the BrightBytes platform can fuel your work


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