Creating Personalized Learning Environments

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eSchool News, Editor-at-Large

Under the direction of Dr. Philip Hickman, educators at Columbus Municipal School District have created district-wide networked classrooms that provide technology-enhanced, personalized learning environments. This innovative approach to education ensures that all students are on positive trajectories to succeed in college and their careers.

As a result of strategic changes, the Mississippi district, which has a high mobility rate and 85% of students on free/reduced lunch, has seen significant gains, including increased graduation rates (up 20%), higher student engagement (up 98%), improved attendance rates (up 90%), and has raised the state rating from D to C for the first time in 10 years.

How did Columbus digitize their district and provide innovative programs such as district-wide 21st-century classrooms, magnet schools and school choice, and K-12 Personalized Graduation Plans for all students? With data as the GPS for decision making, Columbus MSD has transformed their classrooms into technology-rich learning environments that engage students in authentic, personalized learning opportunities.

Attend this webinar to learn:

Why it is so critical for students to work in digitized, authentic learning environments starting in Kindergarten
The essential components of Personalized Graduation Plans
Best practices to effectively and efficiently gather and analyze data to inform decisions on technology integration and creating positive graduation trajectories
How to monitor and measure progress to ensure continuous growth toward goals

Meet Your Speakers

Dr. Philip Hickman
Superintendent of Schools
Columbus Municipal School District

Dr. Philip Hickman is a true transformational leader in K-12 education and educational technology. He is a leading expert on the best practices for using educational technology district-wide for student personalization. His passion for educating all children to be future ready causes him to constantly disrupt the current education system. He is an AASA Nationally Certified Superintendent and a leading authority presenting at many of the top Ed Tech and Personalized Learning conferences in the nation.

Dr. Kristal Ayres
VP of Educational Support Services

Dr. Kristal Ayres has over 27 years of educational experience within teaching and administration in K-12 and higher ed. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences across the nation as an expert in the areas of leadership development, dropout prevention, early warning, student engagement, and data analysis.