Creating Personalized Learning Environments

Posted on: March 09, 2017

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About Event

Under the direction of Dr. Philip Hickman, educators at Columbus Municipal School District have created district-wide networked classrooms that provide technology-enhanced, personalized learning environments. This innovative approach to education ensures that all students are on positive trajectories to succeed in college and their careers.

As a result of strategic changes, the Mississippi district, which has a high mobility rate and 85% of students on free/reduced lunch, has seen significant gains, including increased graduation rates (up 20%), higher student engagement (up 98%), improved attendance rates (up 90%), and has raised the state rating from D to C for the first time in 10 years.

How did Columbus digitize their district and provide innovative programs such as district-wide 21st-century classrooms, magnet schools and school choice, and K-12 Personalized Graduation Plans for all students? With data as the GPS for decision making, Columbus MSD has transformed their classrooms into technology-rich learning environments that engage students in authentic, personalized learning opportunities.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why it is so critical for students to work in digitized, authentic learning environments starting in Kindergarten
  • The essential components of Personalized Graduation Plans
  • Best practices to effectively and efficiently gather and analyze data to inform decisions on technology integration and creating positive graduation trajectories
  • How to monitor and measure progress to ensure continuous growth toward goals