Are You Failing Your Students Without Realizing It?

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eSchool News, Content Director

If you are grading math tests and assignments exclusively by hand, your students may be missing out.

In the past, using an automated grading system for math-based courses could actually be detrimental for your students. These systems were far too limited to give students meaningful practice, or to truly assess their understanding. But today’s grading technology has advanced to the point where you are arguably doing your students a disservice if you don’t include a good automated testing and assessment tool in your grading mix.

Automated assessment lets you do things like give more graded assignments, provide students with feedback while the material is fresh in their minds, supply more practice questions, and identify very quickly when your class is having problems with a particular concept.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how far grading technology has advanced when it comes to handling mathematics, allowing you and your students to enjoy the many benefits automated grading can deliver when done right.

You will also hear from the University of Birmingham on their use of Maplesoft’s automated testing and assessment tool, Maple T.A., to encourage students in active learning and independent study and to provide immediate and consistent feedback. Following a successful introduction of Maple T.A. in first year mathematics courses, the University’s usage quickly expanded across several departments in subjects such as Mechanical, Nuclear, and Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics and Astronomy. Instructors, administrators, and students are all very satisfied with the results, with 85% of students saying automated testing played a substantial role in their learning.

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