Making Blended Learning Work under the Toughest Circumstances

Posted on: March 20, 2018

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About Event

Join us for a panel style webinar to learn from the experts on how to make blended learning work under the toughest circumstances.

Renae Abboud, Director of Education Solution Services at Fuel Education will facilitate an informative discussion between Shawn Brown, Principal at Wright City Academy and Carol Robinson, Director of Technology at Progressive Leadership Academy.

Both Shawn and Carol have extensive experience with implementing blended learning programs throughout their careers. Wright City Academy has a unique online and blended learning program that is helping struggling students become independent and successful learners. Progressive Leadership Academy has a flex model of blended learning but also gives students a chance to participate in internships, jobs and college classes.

Don’t miss the chance to hear both of these successful blended learning stories and learn more about:

  • Factors to consider when selecting a blended learning model
  • Ways to address technology gaps
  • How blended learning programs prepare students for the future
  • How results can turn blended learning skeptics into believers