Meeting the Unique Needs of Homebound/Hospitalized Students

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Learn about the difficulties schools face as they try to address the unique logistical, educational, and emotional needs of hospitalized or homebound students—and find out how colleagues in other schools have solved these challenges.

In this free webinar, Kim Spencer, manager of the K12 Homebound Education Program, will outline the obstacles that students face as they try to keep up with their school work—while also focusing on recovery and medical treatment.

By attending this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how school districts are partnering with K12 to prevent students from falling behind during these challenging times, including:

• What are the options for hospitalized or homebound students?
• How can schools give these students access to the same information and educational opportunities as their classmates?
• What other unique support systems do hospitalized or homebound students need in order to be successful?

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