MathMastery selects School Town to deliver content in a safe engaging collaborative student centered online environment.

Washington, DC – September 23, 2009 – MathMastery, a web-based education  solution publisher of math and science supplemental courses has selected School Town to deliver its content in a safe engaging collaborative student centered environment. See joint solution


School Town is a new online learning platform designed specifically for K-12 with collaboration and organizational tools for students, efficiency for teachers, and classroom transparency for parents. MathMastery is a leading website dedicated to helping students, teachers and parents learn, practice, and understand essential math skills in second through eighth grades. The parties have teamed to launch a highly engaging joint solution with collaboration, assessment, and improved instructional outcomes.


School Town’s online learning platform engages students in active learning and empowers teachers to accomplish differentiated instruction and it integrates Math Mastery’s product suite with a single log in. Through the partnership, School Town and MathMastery foster self-directed learning and empower teachers to deliver engaging personalized assignments, student self assessments and safe collaboration. Parents access the parent portal to see their child’s assignments and performance.


School Town allows teachers to create assignments linking to MathMastery content and resources. Assignments can be differentiated at both group and individual levels. This integrated solution is easy to use and saves teaching time. Students log into School Town to access assignments with MathMastery resources from anywhere. Students submit their work with comments and information on how difficult the project was for them to complete. Students safely interact with their teacher and securely collaborate with other students in their classroom.


The partnership allows teachers to easily assign any MathMastery content in the School Town platform. See joint solution.





For MathMastery
Dyara Henderson
(877) 432-6284


For School Town
Michael Kritzman



About MathMastery

For over twenty years MathMastery has developed engaging and instructionally sound math and science programs for the classroom.  Over 800 school systems and thousands of schools have used the Core Concepts in Science and Mathematics programs.  Schools using the programs have reported dramatic increases in student achievement.  Independent research studies consistently have validated the programs instructional content design and effectiveness.  To learn more about MathMastery, please visit
About School Town

Founded in 2007, School Town’s online learning environment was designed by K12 teachers to engage students in differentiated instruction and keep parents informed. School Town’s 21st century learning environment improves student achievement, gives teachers more time and insight, and provides parent access to their child’s performance. The platform includes private web2.0 tools as part of the extended classroom. School Town builds student technology literacy and organizational skills and gives teachers more time and insight.To learn more about School Town, please visit

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