San Antonio ISD Addresses Drop-out Issue With Learning Plans on Demand

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – September 29, 2009 –San Antonio Independent School District has purchased Learning Plans on Demand™ ( ) for the district’s secondary schools. Learning Plans on Demand (LPOD) is a web-based program teachers use to quickly create individual learning plans for students, but without complicated assessments.


Betty Burks, deputy superintendent for San Antonio ISD, said they purchased LPOD so that they could generate individualized learning plans for their students especially those who are most likely to drop out. “Learning Plans on Demand will help us catch the students who are hanging on the edge, those who are suspended or have missed so much school that they need intensive instruction to catch up,” said Ms. Burks. “This program allows us to get right into the heart of the instruction they need and create personal learning plans that will help these students get back on track and on the path to graduation.”


“There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching. The best way to help students reach their potential is to give them lessons that fit their unique needs. Learning Plans on Demand is designed to make that process easier for teachers,” said Bill Tudor, president of International Learning Corporation. “LPOD solves a big problem because few teachers have extra time to dig through books and their treasured three-ring binders to find specific activities for each student’s performing grade level.”


Learning Plans on Demand is particularly well suited to helping students who need intensive intervention because it fits within the Response to Intervention model where students receive increasingly structured instruction as they move through intervention tiers. Education experts agree that individualized teaching is the most effective path to success but finding time for teachers to do this is difficult. LPOD quickly creates learning plansover a wide range of grade levels and subjectsfrom a large bank of assessment questions, tutorials and practice activities that are aligned to state learning standards and the content of high-stakes assessments and high school exit exams. Also included are reporting features for administrators to readily identify curriculum gaps for mathematics, language arts, reading and science and at any grade level from Kindergarten through the high school exit exams. 



About Learning Plans on Demand

Learning Plans on Demand™ ( from the International Learning Corporation (, is a Web-based program that creates individualized learning plans with teacher-created, standards-based activities that are easily implemented in class or at home. LPOD includes a simple assessment tool to determine if a student needs remediation exercises or accelerated learning exercises in specific skill areas for mathematics, language arts, reading or science from grades K-8 and including HSEE prep. Analysis tools help administrators locate curriculum gaps and analyze instructional trends. More information at (866) 343-5189 or


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