Make-up schoolwork goes high-tech

When a student missed a day of school, teachers used to send home books and papers for make-up work. But at Macedonia Middle School in South Carolina, they instead send a small, flexible bracelet with a computer file that contains the day’s lesson from the teacher’s SMART Board, reports the Myrtle Beach Sun News. Chris Matthews, Macedonia Middle’s media specialist, said one end of the SMART Notebook SE bracelet has prongs that hook into a computer’s USB port. A teacher or student can download a lesson from her interactive, electronic whiteboard onto the bracelet. Students then can access the lesson from their home computers. Children who don’t have computers at home will get their make-up work the old-fashioned way, she said. The bracelets contain SMART software, Macedonia Middle Principal Janie Langley said, so students can use them to look at PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and study guides. Students are excited about using the bracelets, she said, adding: "Anytime you get a child motivated, that’s a success." Matthews said the school purchased 10 bracelets for about $300 apiece. They are available for students and teachers to check out from the library. In addition to catching up on work they missed, students can use the bracelets for remedial work and extra academic practice…

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