Linebreak Women’s Baselayers

Linebreak have introduced a new Women’s range to their popular range of compression baselayers. The new Linebreak designs for 2009 have taken thermoregulation and compression garments to a new level. There are a host of technical enhancements which feature in these world class products.

Enhancements include:
Zoned panelling for more effective muscle support.

Aerated fabric panels, to improve breathability in heat –zone areas.

Modified seam-lines which further enhance player comfort.

Existing features:
Muscle Compression

Improves bloodflow to reduce cramping. Supports joints during exercise. Improves force and power. Aids recovery. Removes lactic acid and toxins. Lower energy cost at sub max running. Reduces muscle vibration.

Temperature Control

Keeps you cool when it’s hot and less chilled when it’s cold. Proven to reduce fluid loss by 31 percent. Wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you drier always.

Sleek Comfort.

Non chafing. Comfortable. Durable. Lightweight.

Women’s sports singlet is sleeveless and has a racer style back so it can be easily concealed under your match shirt or dress.

Linebreak baselayers are designed to enhance performance and speed up recovery.


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