Thirteen fifth-grade students in Florida were given free iPads by Apple, and they could appear in a forthcoming advertising campaign after they were photographed excitedly eyeing the company’s new hardware, Apple Insider reports. The students at Watergrass Elementary in Wesley Chapel were photographed last month staring at Apple’s new iPad. The school’s instructional technology specialist sent the photos to a local Apple sales representative who sells the company’s devices to educational institutions. “My heart melted,” Apple’s Andrea Barr told the St. Petersburg Times. One of the pictures showed the children genuinely excited by the sight of the iPad, almost like something you’d see in an advertisement. Now, John Couch, Apple’s vice president of education, is interesting in potentially using the photos for that purpose. Barr forwarded the photos to her bosses, who decided to reward the 13 children seen in the photos with iPads. Apple is mailing the hardware to their homes in the coming weeks. And in the near future, they could be a part of Apple’s campaign to promote the device…

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