The latest version of SAS' free Curriculum Pathways software includes lessons for students in grades 6-8 as well as high school.

A popular online education resource now provides interactive curriculum tools specially tailored to correspond with both state standards and the Common Core standards—and U.S. educators can use the product free of charge.

SAS, a major business analytics company, released a new version of its Curriculum Pathways web-based resource on Aug. 15. The new version of SAS Curriculum Pathways includes expanded content (including content aimed at middle school students), a more user-friendly interface, and enhanced search capabilities that allow teachers to find material for specific state or Common Core standards.

Forty-four states and the District of Columbia follow the Common Core standards, a college and work preparation framework introduced in 2009 by state officials. The standards currently prescribe benchmarks in English/language arts and mathematics.

In math, for example, the standards outline a detailed progression of student achievement goals, from kindergarten students developing basic understanding of numbers to high school students making mathematical models of everyday scenarios.

Although previous versions of Curriculum Pathways provided curriculum mapping for 13 states for grades 9-12, the new version maps to standards in each of the 50 states for grades 6-12. Teachers can search for resources to match a particular standard, or do the reverse and see which standards a resource can fulfill.