ALAS 2011 kicks off on Oct. 12 in San Francisco.

The eighth annual Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) Summit on Hispanic Education will take place in San Francisco Oct. 12-15, and is hosted in collaboration with CALSA and CCSSO (ELL SCASS).

The summit offers a structured but freeflowing forum for teams at the local, state, national, and international level to explore and debate a myriad of timely issues. Attendees can also take advantage of the following

  • Nationally recognized keynote speakers
  • Web-based survey of participants will assist in determining breakout topics
  • Roundtable discussions with your peers from federal agencies, national organizations, state government, school districts, and technology vendors will be facilitated
  • Insightful panel presentations, case studies, and small group breakout discussions with dedicated time for you and your team members to caucus and plan

Attendees can become involved in several different conference strands.

ELL Learners: School or District Best Practices includes topics such as:

  • School improvement programs
  • Best practices-interventions
  • Implementing the National Core Curriculum
  • Science and math instruction
  • Culturally responsive learning

A strand on technology, data management, assessment and instruction will cover:

  • Eliminating the digital divide
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Data-based decision making
  • Impact of technology on teaching and learning

Additional stands include research, policy, and legal trends and issues, as well as leadership challenges and opportunities.

Key speakers include Dr. Yong Zhao, University of Oregon; Dr. William Perez, Claremont University; Juan Sepulveda from the White House; and Rosalinda Barrera, U.S. Department of Education. Actress Eva Longoria will be delivering a video presentation including clips from her new Hollywood film La Cosecha (the Harvest), about the plight of immigrant children.

Accompanying breakout sessions will include topics such as ELL Research, Curriculum Development, and Immigration Policy, and will be presented by practitioners from across the United States.