The family of a Detroit 8th-grader who was filmed being brutally beaten in a school bathroom says they are outraged by the way the school handled the situation, which reportedly happened on several occasions, the Huffington Post reports. In a game called “30 seconds,” one girl beats another while peers time and film the brawl at Ludington Middle School. One 13-year-old student, Jasmine Crawley, was one of the victims, and her family tells WJBK-TV that while school administrators knew about the “game,” they chose to turn a blind eye. Comments like “Snitches get stitches” on her Facebook page reportedly threaten her for going public.

“They felt like because this was a game, nobody got in trouble, not the people instigating, not the people that were fighting,” Crawley’s sister Arletha Newby told WJBK-TV…

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