It’s a cardinal rule among educators: Interacting with students on social media, if it is allowed, requires caution and the same amount of professionalism that would be conducted offline in a classroom setting. But what happens when a teacher breaks this rule? Asks Mashable. That’s the unsettling situation the community of Clayton, Missouri, is facing after several students and parents accepted a Facebook friendship request from “Suzy Harriston.” The mysterious figure — who had a nondescript Facebook profile photo and more than 300 friends, many of them from Clayton High School — is said to have actually been the school’s principal.

“Whoever is friends with Suzy Harriston on Facebook needs to drop them. It is the Clayton Principal,” wrote 2011 graduate Chase Haslett on Facebook. Haslett’s post on April 5 warranted several reactions, including the obvious: “How do you know?”

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