Name: Native Numbers

What is it? Designed by Harvard Education School graduate Dr. Michael W. Connell, and developed by a team of MIT engineers, Native Numbers is a research-based, complete curriculum to help early learners develop Number Sense (the conceptual foundations for arithmetic and beyond).

Best for: Typically, it is used with children between 4-7 years old, although it is being used in a number of classrooms with older children who can benefit from it for various reasons.

Price: $2.99 for the full 25 activities, or FREE for the Lite version, which include the first 5 activities.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Rated: 4+

Features: Native Numbers has 25 sequenced activities that develop an understanding of several core concepts and skills, including:

  • Number Representations: Identify the numbers 1-9 as continuous quantities (rods), discrete quantities (sets of animals), and symbols (numerals)
  • Number Relations: Answer questions about number relationships using a variety of visual representations and vocabulary (greater/less, bigger/smaller, heavier/lighter, etc.)
  • Ordering: Arrange numbers in order from small to big and big to small.
  • Counting: Use numbers to put a set of objects in order (ordinal numbers) and to determine how many objects are in a set (cardinal numbers)
  • Demonstrate Mastery: Apply concepts from previous activities to novel, untrained examples

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