The 10 best resources for K-12 STEM projects

There’s a whole lot more to STEM projects these days than baking soda volcanoes (but those are still fun, too)

STEM-project-K12With the current national emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum, educators are often left wondering where to find new ideas for STEM projects that won’t dig deep into school funds. However, thanks to resourceful peers, and the power of the internet, many organizations and websites offer well-vetted STEM project resources for students of all ages.

For example, NASA offers free STEM curriculum for grades K-12 and includes projects on precipitation, constructing a cooling system for a spacesuit, and constructing a paper model of a satellite.

Projects found in these resources range from instructional posters with STEM projects embedded within to inspire students in the classroom, to national competitions for video game design that urge students to independently learn how to create online games using their math skills.

“At a time when many people are asking how we can get more students interested in STEM fields, we are hearing from teachers who have found ‘making’ to be a great way to get students excited and engaged in their classrooms,” said AnnMarie Thomas, executive director of the Maker Education Initiative for Edutopia.

Thomas gave examples of students working on designing and building furniture for their classroom using algebra and geometry to figure out dimensions.

“E-textiles and soft circuitry, in which circuits are sewn using conductive thread or fabric, have shown to be an engaging way to teach electronics and programming, especially for young women,” she explained. “The possibilities for ways to incorporate ‘making’ into the school day are endless, and it is exciting to see what teachers have been developing and sharing.”

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