This method is helping students excel under Common Core

How can we implement new technology to improve Common Core assessments?

common-core-technologyOne of the central goals of the Common Core State Standards was to make education more uniform across the country. There were simply too many differences between the education a child would receive in Massachusetts and the education one would receive in Mississippi, for instance.

The disparities also crossed over into testing measures.

In response, the two testing consortia, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and Smarter Balanced, which were formed by groups of states to administer the new, next-generation assessments, have committed to providing a fair and uniform testing experience for every student nationwide.

They have also focused on updating assessment for the technological times in which we live. Testing will now be multimedia-based and completed on computers and handheld devices such as tablets. Videos, sounds, and interactive test items will be commonplace and as a result, students will need headphones and headsets in order to avoid disturbing other students.

This report addresses the urgent needs of schools and districts across the country to have these key pieces of hardware in order to support the coming tests. Key questions include: What are the requirements for the new assessments? What happens if there are not enough headphones made available? What if the equipment isn’t up to the task? Additionally, this article attempts  to show just how large the market will be in the coming year and why it’s important for your district and school to work out any issues and challenges now.

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