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iBiome — Wetland

What’s It Like? Kids can explore three different wetland habitats — freshwater marsh, saltwater marsh, and mangrove swamp. They have tasks in each habitat, or “biodome,” such as identifying consumers, producers, and environmental factors. Once kids complete a task, a new species is unlocked. The species gets placed in a virtual journal, where kids can tap to learn more about all of the species they have unlocked. Kids can also experiment with their biodomes by adding species to see how it affects the biome.

Price: $2.99

Grades: 4-8

Pros: Excellent graphics and animations make learning about wetlands fun and engaging. A journal keeps track of discovered species, empowering kids to explore and learn.

Cons: Experimenting by adding species to the biodomes is confusing and could use more instructions and concrete results.

Bottom line: iBiome — Wetland is a fun, interactive way to learn about ecosystems without the hassle of getting wet.


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