The 3 key ingredients for mobile learning success

Don’t forget these keys of mobile implementations

ingredients-successWhy are some mobile learning implementations successful while others struggle? It seems struggling districts are missing at least one of a handful of ingredients that successful districts have in common. When it comes to mobile learning success, leaving out just one key ingredient can ruin an otherwise perfect recipe.

What are these ingredients? They can be categorized as: leadership, strategy, and expectations management.

Most leadership considerations are simply standard change and project management best practices such as ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page, that the goals are clearly defined and documented, that policies and procedures are in place, and that there is sustainable funding. Others are somewhat more challenging.

One leadership component that is often missed by districts is to have a very clear vision for why they are implementing mobile learning. Beyond shiny toys, engagement, and efficiency, successful districts use mobile learning to change teaching and learning. These districts focus on preparing students to work and live in a connected world that will expect them to be able to gain new knowledge and completely new skills every few years.

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