New partnership adds programming to Sunburst’s offerings

tynkerSunburst Digital and game-coding startup Tynker are teaming up to make the latter available on Sunburst’s digital library of curriculum.

“Partnering with a Silicon Valley leader that is laser-focused on developing students’ critical thinking, problem solving and 21st Century Learning skills serves our goal of connecting K12 educators with the very best in innovative digital content solutions,” says Joe DeSario of Sunburst. “Tynker has the potential to positively change educational practices in any classroom, not simply those where technology is common. Tynker gets used by teachers and students so often because it is both practical and fun.”

Tynker uses a game-based programming platform to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving challenges that teach programming skills. The curricula is self-paced and based on a “watch-learn-do” philosophy.

Sunburst already works with more than a dozen other partners in various subjects, including Rand McNally, Ignite Learning, and Mathspace.

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