What’s happening at FETC 2018?

After 38 years, the Future of Education Technology Conference is still going strong

Even if you didn’t need a reason to travel to sunny Orlando in January, the opportunity to attend FETC should have you packing your comfy walking shoes and an extra suitcase for all the swag. This is my 12th year attending FETC and I have never been more excited about the edtech trends being highlighted at this conference.

Security and data privacy workshops/sessions at FETC have tech leaders packing the house. With devices now integral tools in learning environments and so many of these devices in students’ hands, school districts, parents, and community members are hammering to find the right security options for their students. Cybersecurity companies are focusing their attention on providing school districts and parents with insurance that student safety and privacy both at school and in the home are guaranteed.

Educational scavenger hunts such as Breakout EDU peppered many of the sessions. The sessions focused on both professional-development applications and classroom applications. Microsoft OneNote was even a presence at some of the sessions. These types of educational scavenger hunts are trending as participants must work together to solve a variety of clues to open the Breakout EDU strongbox. The sessions I attended demonstrated the problem-solving skills needed to reach the goal and the teacher energy was through the roof!

Today’s technology-rich classrooms are clawing to get at the latest game-based learning tools and digital applications. Long gone are the early 2000s edtech games such as Reader Rabbit and Carmen Sandiego. The Game Based Learning Pavilion at FETC is a highlight for many of the conference attendees. The Agents of Discovery platform was one of the highlighted applications that transforms mobile devices into augmented reality (AR) games.

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