A few themes stood out at CoSN 2019–artificial intelligence, coding, and preparing students for 2030 are three that immediately come to mind. But as I attended more sessions, smaller–yet equally cool–bits of information jumped out at me.

I love attending conference sessions because I get to listen to educators and edtech leaders talk about what’s most important when it comes to helping students succeed and feel proud of their accomplishments.

Here are just a few of the new things I learned, or things that aren’t often talked about, at CoSN 2019:

1. Equity doesn’t only apply to disparities in income. Socioeconomic status and income levels seem to be the most references aspects of equity, but during the conference I realized equity is a much bigger umbrella, and its other aspects aren’t always discussed as widely as income disparities. Special education students and English language learners are often left on the other side of equity gaps.

3 new things I learned at #CoSN 2019!

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In Vancouver (WA) Public Schools (VPS), administrators and tech leaders are focusing on equity across the board. For instance, when students in special education classes are issued iPads, putting those iPads in different cases signifies that those students are somehow “different,” so the district hands out iPads in the same cases whenever possible.  

Laura Ascione
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