Personalized success plans can help students excel, like this student in a rocket ship.

‘Personalized success plans’ are the next big thing

5 recommendations to take personalized success plans from theory to practice

Personalized success plans, maps of in-school and out-of-school efforts that will help all students achieve, are emerging as a viable way to address all of a student’s needs–even if those needs are largely at home.

What’s the “why” behind personalized success plans? Traditional reform efforts have focused mostly on academics or in-school aspects. But these reforms don’t account for students facing gaps in educational achievement, attainment, and opportunity.

These gaps disproportionately impact students of color and those living in poverty. And these students, who say they feel increasingly marginalized, say they are disengaged in school and are less likely to obtain postsecondary degrees or credentials to help them succeed in the modern economy.

The Education Redesign Lab released a new report identifying personalized success plans as a promising strategy to support children both in and outside of school, along with a toolkit to guide communities to develop and implement what it refers to as Success Plans.

Laura Ascione

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