Virtual badges illustrate the concept of educator micro-credentials, which educators can stack to prove their skill in various areas.

How educator micro-credentials support PL

Educator micro-credentials help schools offer more effective options for professional learning

All educators are lifelong learners, whether they’re figuring out how to incorporate the latest edtech device into their lessons or researching bios on NBA players to help a reluctant reader.

But while schools expect teachers to continue their education, most only get rewarded for getting an advanced degree like a master’s or a Ph.D. Now, organizations like Digital Promise have developed programs for educator micro-credentials, which recognize educators for acquiring new skills.

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During her presentation, “Measuring and Sustaining Professional Learning Through Micro-Credentials,” Odelia Younge, senior project director for educator micro-credentials at Digital Promise, explained the key elements of educator micro-credentials, how they work, and what differentiates them from other professional development.

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