Advanced Placement (AP) courses are one of the many ways students can challenge themselves and become college or career ready. Last year, our county implemented an Advanced Learning for All initiative to increase students’ readiness and overall preparation for life after they receive their high school diploma.

Our high school currently offers 19 AP courses. These courses help set the stage for students’ futures and give them opportunities to explore different subject areas they could consider pursuing after high school.

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In order for students to succeed in AP classes, it is important they have access to multiple resources and support from their teachers. As AP teachers, it is important for us to have resources available that help us understand our students’ strengths and areas where they need additional support.

Technology has helped us to remain one step ahead of the class. College Board’s classroom site, AP Classroom, is a great resource for teachers because we can test students on the content more often and immediately see results and how we need to adjust our instruction. Students benefit from the site as well. They are able to access assignments when not in school and they receive timely performance feedback.

About the Author:

Angella Martin is an AP Language and Composition teacher at Morrow High School and Renukaben Patel is an AP Physics teacher at Morrow High School.