As educators, we all understand the importance of family engagement. It doesn’t take an advanced study in education to understand that when families are engaged with their child’s education, they are more supportive of it and in a better position to help further their student’s learning at home.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean family engagement is easy. Like the rest of us, parents are busy people, and even those who are most invested in their child’s education might fall out of the loop if we don’t take steps to make communication clear and easy. At Pritchardville Elementary, we’ve found that the keys to successful communication and an engaged community are consistency, accessibility, and frequency.

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Communication in our district used to be very inconsistent. Our district uses a school messaging service, so I would send out weekly school-wide blurbs through that. If something needed to go out to an entire grade level or more, I would send that out for them as well.

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