The technology-driven campus leverages the latest technology to better educate students and empower teachers. Devices such as iPads, iPods, Chromebooks, interactive whiteboards, and different software for educators are just the tip of the iceberg–there’s much, much more that connected devices, augmented reality, and robotics can add to teaching methods.

But even more critical than these hot and innovative teaching technologies is how schools handle software on the backend. Schools operate under tight budgets, and how they approach their software has a direct impact on how they handle their hardware – and they won’t be prepared to manage and maintain the hardware of the technology-driven campus if they don’t first have a strong strategy for software.

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In fact, to get to the cool hardware and novel devices, academic IT admins need to coordinate system-wide migrations and upgrades to add the latest and greatest tech – and ensure the right frameworks are in place to make it all possible (and sustainable).

About the Author:

Kevin Galvin is senior product manager at Quest Software.