For the past 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to help students with special needs receive the high-quality education they deserve. During this time, I’ve guided them and their families as they navigate the common misconception that online learning can’t work for them. It can and it has.

But for those who are new to the online learning environment, making the switch during such a tumultuous time in our nation can be overwhelming to say the least.

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While the online classroom isn’t for everyone, the vast majority of the families I serve are happy with the supportive state-licensed teachers, interactive and engaging classes, and flexibility that online school offers them.

As more and more traditional brick-and-mortar schools turn to online learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve received an increasing number of inquiries about how online school serves students of varying abilities.

About the Author:

Jenny Kendall is the Senior Director of Special Programs at K12 Inc. Prior to joining K12, Jenny taught students with disabilities in grades K-12; and for ten years, she served adults with disabilities in independent living situations.