As a language arts teacher at a partial STEM Magnet middle school in Southern Georgia, I have the opportunity to teach an amazing group of students; their willingness to expand their educational horizons amazes me every day.

While most of my students choose to come to our school because we focus on math, science, and STEM—the subjects they enjoy—I am tasked with helping them develop their reading and writing skills. So, how do I keep my math, science, and STEM-minded students engaged in the language arts? I’ve found that in addition to integrating STEM into language arts activities, using technology is a great way to generate deeper language arts engagement.

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Here are five ways you can use technology to capture and hold the attention of language arts students.

Use Monster Quiz for assessments

If your district uses the SMART Notebook system, Monster Quiz is a great, easy-to-use formative assessment tool that gets students excited about their learning. Located in the “Activities” tab of SMART Notebook, Monster Quiz allows the teacher to enter up to 10 multiple-choice or true/false questions to assess.

About the Author:

Lillian Karcher is a middle school Language arts teacher at Muscogee County Schools District’s Arnold Magnet Academy. She graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2018, and she is currently working towards a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. You can reach her at